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Individual requirements for apprenticeships

Individuals wishing to be considered for a JBC advanced apprenticeship must have

This project is financed by the European Union.

General requirements for public funding

The following persons will be considered eligible for full public funding for their apprenticeship training:

The following groups of Learners will also be considered as eligible for funding for an Apprenticeship:

Applicants who are in any doubt about their eligibility can apply for individual consideration. All decisions on eligibilty, for this programme, will be at the sole discretion of JBC Computer Training Ltd

City & Guilds Centre

JBC has been an approved City & Guilds centre for many years and is at the forefront of developing vocational training programmes that deliver real world skills and meet the academic requirements of national qualifications recognised around the world.

JBC Academy

The Microsoft IT Academy Programme is a learning model for technology-skills development and offers the latest IT education programmes for Microsoft technologies. It links academic learning to real-world job skills and helps students gain the IT skills needed to advance in their career.