Career Builder Overview

FREE training for a new job or improved prospects

If you live in the West Midlands, Southampton, Portsmouth, Isle of Wight or surrounding areas and you are unemployed, you can apply for a FREE programme of training and support that will give you technical IT knowledge, practical skills and new career opportunities. Apply here

This training is delivered online via our live instructors covering topics including:

  • Cloud solutions
  • Systems maintenance
  • Software configuration
  • Network administration
  • IT security

You will need an internet connection and the use of a PC or laptop to undertake the course.

The course requires learners to attend tuition each day (Monday to Friday) for a period of 6 weeks. Learners receive live tuition, practical sessions, coaching and are required to complete assignments.

Our IT Career Builder programme

  • Is publicly funded and is free for unemployed 19+ adults. See eligibility rules here
  • Is aimed at those who want to use this training as a means of getting into a job or progress their career
  • Gives trainees practical IT skills for job roles in demand and assists them to get their career started in a professional way
  • Gives valuable experience in a business environment and leads to industry recognized qualifications
  • Includes a full range of career development support and training to help you stand out from other candidates in the job market
  • Is a full-time programme delivered online through webinars and web meetings with tutors. The course is assessed through portfolio tasks and assignments. Apply here

Get skills, get qualified, get hired

We design, install and maintain IT networks all the time; when you are with us we will show you how it's done. We'll also make sure you've mastered these skills and that you're competent - don't worry, we'll let you practice on our systems before you're let loose on someone else’s critical IT systems.

Practical skills and know-how go hand-in-hand. The programme is structured to accommodate new comers to the industry, but can also update the knowledge of more experienced candidates. It builds towards vocational and industry recognised qualifications to the maximum of your ability.

There's a lot to get through, but we don't believe in taking an eternity to achieve a qualification, you may well feel you have been unemployed long enough already. When you are with us you work hard to expediently gain the qualifications you need and then you can put what you have learnt into practice in an IT job. Apply here

Job opportunities, future prospects

Every business, every organisation, almost every home now has IT technology embedded within it. That means the world needs people who understand IT technology, how to make it secure, and how to get the most from it - the world needs IT professionals. Just some of the career paths available to you in your early career could be:

  • Computer Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • IT Technician
  • First Line Support
  • IT Customer Service
  • Technical Sales

We've told you how we can give you IT skills, knowledge and qualifications - you're also going to need a few things more. To be a successful IT professional, you need to communicate well, you need to present yourself professionally, and you need some business acumen. That's why alongside your IT training, we will work with you on developing these other vital skills. Apply here

Business like, not like school or college

JBC is foremost an IT company. We are an IT business and we operate in a business like manner. That means everyone, including those on our IT training programme, are expected to act in a professional and business like way at all times. We are proud of the professionalism of our business and the people who work with us.

Our facilities have well equipped workshops and training rooms and can be found in the Earlsdon district of Coventry and Southampton. The IT equipment we use is typical of that used in the majority of organisations who deploy IT systems. Apply here

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