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Here at JBC Skills Training Ltd we pride itself on the quality of the services we provide to our clients and service users. We want to ensure that the highest levels of client satisfaction are maintained and believe in taking a hands-on and personal approach to managing customer relationships.

We welcome feedback on all aspects of our service, good or bad as this helps us to identify areas in which we are performing well and those areas where we need to improve. Should you have any comments about the service you have received from JBC Skills Training Ltd, please contact us with details on, or write to us at JBC Skills Training, Stoneleigh House, Coventry CV5 6EJ. If you are making a complaint, please state this at the top of your email or letter.

Complaints - what will happen next

  1. We will reply to your email or letter within 5 working days of receipt. Wherever possible we will try to resolve your complaint at this time, but in more complex cases more time may be required to investigate your complaint fully. In these circumstances we will outline how we intend to handle your case and an approximate time frame.
  2. We will then investigate your complaint. This will normally involve talking to the relevant persons involved and departments involved in order to understand the background to your complaint.
  3. In complex cases it may be necessary to talk with multiple people sometimes on more than one occasion which can take time. We will keep you informed of progress.
  4. Once our investigation is complete we will contact you to discuss the outcome of our investigation and any action taken. This will typically be by email but we may suggest a formal meeting if we feel this would be beneficial.
  5. If at this stage the complaint remains unresolved to your satisfaction, you may request that the complaint be reviewed by our Managing Director. Once they have reviewed your case they will contact you to confirm our final position on your complaint and explain our reasons.
  6. If your complaint relates to an apprenticeship programme and in the instance of us not being able to resolve your query or concern satisfactorily, you can seek the assistance of the Education and Skills Funding Agency through their apprenticeship helpline. Email: or telephone 0800 015 0400 ⟨8am to 10pm, 7 days a week⟩.
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