Cyber Security Apprenticeships

Our Cyber Security Apprenticeships are suited to any organisation that needs to be proactive in defending against cyber threats. Whether your organisation is thinking of hiring a new member of staff or making an existing team member a cyber security specialist, this apprenticeship is an excellent way to give an individual the skills and knowledge they need to protect your organisation.

Our Cyber Security Apprenticeships are at level 4; we advise that they are best suited to someone who has at least some prior IT experience – please contact us to discuss your needs.

Cyber Security Technologist – Level 4 Apprenticeship

  • Indicative training (will vary dependent on an individual‘s agreed programme)
  • Threats, hazards, risks and intelligence
  • Developing and using a security case
  • Organisational context
  • Future Trends
  • Design, build and test a network
  • Analyse a security case
  • Structured and reasoned implementation of a security in a network

Indicative Qualifications (will vary dependent on an individual‘s agreed programme)

  • Knowledge Module: Cyber Security Introduction
  • Knowledge Module: Network and Digital Communications Theory
  • Knowledge Module: Security Case Development and Design Good Practice
  • Knowledge Module: Security Technology Building Blocks
  • Knowledge Module: Employment of Cryptography
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