Cyber Security Apprenticeships

Cyber Security Apprenticeships

Our Cyber Security Apprenticeships are suited to any organisation that needs to be proactive in defending against cyber threats. Whether your organisation is thinking of hiring a new member of staff or making an existing team member a cyber security specialist, this apprenticeship is an excellent way to give an individual the skills and knowledge they need to protect your organisation.

Our Cyber Security Apprenticeships are at level 4; we advise that they are best suited to someone who has at least some prior IT experience – please contact us to discuss your needs.

Cyber Security Technologist – Level 4 Apprenticeship

  • Indicative training (will vary dependent on an individual‘s agreed programme)
  • Threats, hazards, risks and intelligence
  • Developing and using a security case
  • Organisational context
  • Future Trends
  • Design, build and test a network
  • Analyse a security case
  • Structured and reasoned implementation of a security in a network

Indicative Qualifications (will vary dependent on an individual‘s agreed programme)

  • Knowledge Module: Cyber Security Introduction
  • Knowledge Module: Network and Digital Communications Theory
  • Knowledge Module: Security Case Development and Design Good Practice
  • Knowledge Module: Security Technology Building Blocks
  • Knowledge Module: Employment of Cryptography
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