Our Funded IT Courses

Free, funded it training courses for eligible adults aged 19+

If you are an individual looking for technical IT training to equip you with the skills and knowledge to help you start or progress in employment, then one of our funded IT courses could be right for you.

The courses are free, funded by central government or a devolved authority. You need to meet the eligibility criteria to qualify for funding, which depends on things like where you live, your age and employment status. The eligibility criteria vary for each course, so check out the details of the course that is of interest to you.

Which course is right for me?

All of our funded courses are designed for people who want to start or progress in employment, so you need to be willing and able to work in the UK on completion of the course.

We have courses at qualification level 2 and at level 3, which refers to the level of depth and difficulty of the subject matter being studied.

Level 2 courses can be thought of as equivalent to GCSE level. Our level 2 courses are suited to someone who does not already have an IT qualification. It is a great starting point for someone with little or no prior IT work experience.

Level 3 courses can be thought of as equivalent to A-Levels. Our level 3 courses are suited to someone who already has a level 2 IT qualification or some prior IT work experience. The durations of our level 3 courses are typically longer than our level 2 courses.

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