Net Zero Commitment Statement

JBC Skills Training Limited is committed to being Carbon Neutral/Net Zero by 2050.

Carbon Neutral/Net zero is where an organisation removes all of their carbon dioxide emissions from their business activities or balancing carbon dioxide emissions with carbon removal. Carbon removal can be achieved through carbon offsetting.

We understand our business does not just impact our stakeholders including our team and learners but also the wider community and environment.  Our actions and decisions now, will determine what kind of world future generations will inherit.

We have been working on several projects to reduce our carbon emissions and impact to the wider environment. Two of the largest projects were migrating from an on-premises server infrastructure to a cloud infrastructure and reducing the impact of our vehicle emissions.

Server Infrastructure

We transitioned all of our server infrastructure into Microsoft Azure Cloud services. This meant we didn’t purchase any new equipment and do not have to power that equipment locally 24/7 even though the services would not be required all the time. This also meant we didn’t need to cool the room which has reduced our electricity usage as well.

By using a cloud provider, we are using an infrastructure that already exists, whilst also only using the size of server required at a given point in time. When purchasing new equipment ourselves, we would normally have to forecast what our future requirements are going to be and make sure that we purchase a server that is future proofed. This means there is a lot of resource that is not being utilised which requires energy whilst the server is on.

Using cloud infrastructure, you can buy a server for your requirements today and can scale up/down your system within minutes as and when the business requires.

Vehicle Mileage/CO2

As a business, we have a requirement to travel to see different clients face to face. Historically, our business paid mileage to employees. Most of our team have diesel vehicles. Having reviewed this policy, we decided to purchase a Petrol/Electric Hybrid vehicle. This has vastly reduced our impact on CO2 emissions. This improved our consumption from 36mpg for a diesel vehicle to 59mpg in the hybrid.

The battery system is used for 30mph and below which means for most of the driving within a city, the car is not emitting any emissions keeping the air clean in densely populated areas.

Future projects

We are continually reviewing how we consume energy, what we purchase and how we go about improving our impact on the environment. We’re looking at reducing our emissions/energy consumption from our offices and will be doing research into solar panels for our Head Office to see if they are possible/viable.

We are also going to be reviewing our supply chain to see where we can improve our emissions from Scope 3.

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