JBC June Highlights: Growing Community, UCAS Apprentice Points & Election Focus on Apprenticeships.

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Apprenticeship Plans in Election Focus:

As we prepare for the upcoming general election on July 4th, 2024, both major parties have outlined contrasting visions for the future of apprenticeships. Labour proposes giving businesses more flexibility in using government funds earmarked for apprenticeships, allowing up to 50% to be spent on training existing staff in high-level technical skills. This move aims to address skills shortages and create opportunities for young people through apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeship training courses. Meanwhile, the Conservatives plan to redirect funding from “low-quality” degrees to expand apprenticeships, aiming to create 100,000 more apprenticeships by 2029. Despite differing approaches, the emphasis remains on enhancing skills training and responding to public demand for increased apprenticeship opportunities, particularly among all-age groups.

UCAS Points for Apprenticeships Unveiled:

UCAS has unveiled plans to award UCAS points to level 3 apprenticeships starting this September, with points ranging up to 112 depending on apprenticeship duration. This move aims to align apprenticeships with A-levels and T-levels for university admissions, enhancing transparency and accessibility in higher education pathways. The proposals seek to ensure equitable opportunities across all UK regions while maintaining a fair admissions system. The consultation period is open until June 20, 2024, inviting feedback on these significant changes to apprenticeship qualifications.

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