How Apprenticeships can help you progress on the career ladder

Ross’s Story – How Apprenticeships Can Help You Progress

During National Apprenticeship Week 2022, we want to talk about the progression opportunities that are available to apprentices.

Did you know that as many as 85% of apprentices will stay in employment, with around 64% remaining with the same employer?

Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you also have the option to progress on to a higher level apprenticeship. This allows you to further improve on your skills and knowledge, and obtain a higher level qualification, all the way up to degree level!

About Ross

Ross started his apprenticeship journey as a school-leaver back in 2017 wanting to start an IT career. JBC Skills Training matched Ross with local employer Cipher-IT who are an expert IT services company in Coventry. Since then he has completed his Level 3 Infrastructure Technician and Level 4 Network Engineer Apprenticeships with us, receiving a Distinction for both apprenticeships. Since completing his apprenticeships, he is now employed as a Technical Team Leader with Cipher-IT.

Here’s what he had to say about his apprenticeship experience:

“JBC Skills Training found me a multiple placement opportunity before even starting my GCSEs. Upon deciding on the desired placement, interviews were arranged, employment was secured, and a start date was agreed for September 2017 to suit both Cipher-IT LTD (employer) and myself.

Throughout my apprenticeship JBC Skills Training were supportive and helpful with the coursework, apprenticeship content, and any other work-related questions for that matter which was very helpful for someone new into business from a school environment.

JBC Skills Training work on a block release schedule compared to day release which, at least for myself, I feel is a much better way of learning. This meant that I was at the JBC classrooms for two or three weeks at a time rather than a single day a week. JBC’s lecturers were able to optimize the delivery of the course, as the content could be spread out over the course of a week and built on day by day.

The content delivered by JBC during my Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship truly helped me grow and excel in my role as a Technician at Cipher-IT LTD. Cipher-IT as an employer were able to challenge me with work to match the content being delivered by JBC as the apprenticeship progressed allowing me to apply the skills and knowledge being received to real-world scenarios.

After completing my Level 3 apprenticeship, achieving a Distinction grade with the support of JBC & Cipher-IT, I took a 6 month break to solidify my knowledge and experience before embarking on the Level 4 Network Engineer apprenticeship with JBC in March 2019.

JBC delivered the course to the same high standard, and Cipher-IT were again able to provide opportunities, experience, and jobs to match the content being delivered by JBC over the duration of the apprenticeship. Early into my Level 4 apprenticeship I was able to progress to the higher tier of support within Cipher-IT. Upon completion, in March 2021, I achieved a Distinction for the Level 4 apprenticeship.

My two apprenticeships with JBC have provided advice and support for my journey into business and allowed me to excel in the workplace. I’m now 4½ years into my career with Cipher-IT and have progressed to the role of Technical Team Leader within Cipher-IT, acting as line manager for our technicians, and running the projects & scheduling for the technical department.

Two of my team members at Cipher are currently undergoing their apprenticeships at JBC too. One is in the process of completing his Level 4 Network Engineer course, and our newest team member is mid-way through his Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship. Despite the challenges provided by COVID-19, JBC have been flexible with the ever-changing regulations, and both our team members have had their courses delivered remotely with the technologies available whilst still maintaining the top-quality education and delivery.”

To find out more about how an apprenticeship can help with your progression, get in touch with the team today.

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