The Team at JBC Skills Training would like to wish everyone health and happiness during this challenging period.

We’ve created a help/instruction file for you to download to help you keep in touch with everyone by using web conferencing technology which allows multiple people to log into the same session and see each other face to face. People can be located in the next room, next city or next continent! This can be done as it goes through the internet. You can keep in touch with everyone you care for from friends and family to work colleagues and neighbours.

We hope this will keep everyone connected whilst we’re physically apart.

Please be aware that even though the use of the software is free to use during this period, if you're on a mobile (eg.3G/4G/5G) or metered connection (data limited e.g. 50GB per month), you will use your data allowance or be charged by your data provider.

Download your copy of the setup instructions here

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