Unlocking Opportunities: Government Funding & Website Updates at JBC Skills!


We’re excited to spotlight the latest government reforms in our newsletter! Starting April 1st, small businesses can take advantage of fully funded apprenticeships, with the government planning to cover the entire training cost for individuals up to age 21. This initiative opens up incredible opportunities for SMEs to invest in talent development and growth. Moreover, large employers subject to the apprenticeship levy now have the ability to transfer up to half of their funds to support other businesses in hiring apprentices, effectively doubling the previous cap of 25%. These reforms mark a significant step forward in promoting apprenticeships and fostering collaboration within the business community.


Exciting updates are underway on our website! We’re diligently working behind the scenes to enhance its functionality, aesthetics, and user experience. From sleek design improvements to streamlined navigation, we’re committed to making our website a hub of valuable resources for our community. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out new features and updates, including easy access to our digital newsletters, informative blog posts, and essential information about our programs and services. While our website is still undergoing changes, we’re thrilled about the progress and can’t wait to unveil the final result. Thank you for your patience and continued support as we strive to create a user-friendly and informative online platform for you!

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